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Rei-ki:  Japanese words for "universal life energy".  Rei-ki is a system of balancing the energy that flows through our bodies, and all living things.  A practicioner of Rei-ki has been taught how to open themselves  through a series of attunements or "openings" by a master teacher,  to the energy that surrounds and inhabits us all.  By being a conduit of this universal energy, a rei-ki practicioner can help to re-balance the flow of energy in the body which encourages healing by the body itself. 

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Rei-ki is also a way of life.  A serious practicioner of Rei-ki holds many things sacrad, including the vow they take to honor all life, and be responsible for their intent in all dealings.  They should be working on healing themselves to become stronger healers for their clients.  They should be able to objectively see themselves as humans and work to correct errors in their own thought patterns and character flaws.  Once begun, the practice of Rei-ki always causes changes, sometimes on many levels, and not always what you expected, but always what you need to grow and become a better person. A dedicated Rei-ki practitioner will always be a student first and a healer or teacher second.  They know that working with Rei-ki is a gift that is available to all and all can learn and that they are blessed to be a conduit for healing others.  By being open for the flow of energy, through the practitioner, the client can draw the energy they need specifically, therefore the client is healing themselves with the practitioner as the conduit.  
Rei-ki can be used and will be effective for those who want a more balanced physical life and see it in terms of quantum physics and the invisible energy that comprises all life.  It works with the chakra system and along the same meridians that are used by accupuncturists and accupressure massage therapists to create a sense of relaxation and well-being whenever it is applied.  It will help to increase the circulation of energy throughout the body, which in turn improves the health of the body.
Everyone can learn to practice Rei-ki on themselves.  Rei-ki is open to all living things and requires only desire and practice once attuned to the life energy that surrounds us all.   

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