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All classes are designed to be continuous education classes for those who have chosen the path to balance.  Balance creates wellness.  All students must start with a series of meditation classes to learn breathe control and technique.  This series is done in a group and consists of 4 classes of guided meditation.  Once the student has mastered the meditation techniques offered, they can choose to enroll in continuing education classes with a small select group of vibrationally compatible people to learn the process of aligning with your authentic self to achieve balance.  Each class is 90 minutes long and guides you through the process step by step teaching you the tools you can use to find balance for the mind/body and emotion(spirit).   All classes are $25 per session and will be hosted at the Rosehill event center at 6623 Prospect Road, Monroe, NC.  You must contact us via phone or email to participate. 

May 2012

Guided meditations for the beginner

a four part class beginning may 2

Continuing education classes

The chakras 

a four part class beginning may 1

Aligning YOU with you

a four part class beginning may 3

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